Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Safe Walk..croc!

(...)front my eyes. So i break connectiont to pull my body frm dis luv. I hav think about this very cook-cook. I know i clap one hand only. i don't trust u again! U really crocodile land! I don't want u to play-play with my liver. I hav been crying until nomo eye water. I don want banana to fruit 2 times....Safe walk.

respon penulis:

tq dear for the err...msg. U took me by surprise. I know its tough to tell u the truth. Only stupid..moron..numbskull would purposely err.. 'play-play with ur liver'. Just to be no 'crocodile land'. Thnks, but no thnks..i only have crocodile shoes(which were stolen at the mosque). I do have belt made of crocs which u never notice. I bought it last Deepavalli. I fancy the crocs sandal but..the price tag is burning holes in my pocket. One more wallet is made of croc too..not to mention how macho am i with the crocs sunglass..Ahah..even my underwe*rs' has the croc labels. i know why u call me such a name.

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