Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got it...I Don't Get It

WHAT THE......

It's pretty tough and literally test ur patience when unexpected event might subsequently alter ur mood. How would u handle in such a situation unprepared. Get into trouble first!!; why not!..the experience will shape u up as a more better person..if not the least or otherwise. As many would suggest, adopting a positive attitude is the best option to start the day; walk down the street as u face the world and juz wondering or be alert of what would happen next...For instance..a smile will reflect others to smile too. Have u heard smiling would inflict a war???..Yep..if it happens u naively smile at someone's gf jealously guarded by her not so friendly bf ..the worst u'll suffer is a smashed face with some broken ribs..nahh, i'll do the same if some unfortunate numbskull guys dare to smile at my sweet lil babe...he he..but, if u take it as a compliment as others will do, then why this beautiful world need to have nuclear bombs (exaggerating eh????)...

Sometimes for unfounded reasons theres a feeling like killing someone..(do u??). Hold back ur grumpy act; take a deep breath coz' ur brain needs sufficient dose of oxygen to digest and encode thousands of data per second. For info, our blood only absorbs 5 % of oxygen from the air we breath into our lungs..Oxygen is one of the core source of energy needed by the cells in our body to metabolise and stay functioning..Now u know why we breath rapidly during a tense situation..

To improvise the skill to handle stress, initial step is to stay cool and sane so that the brain has enough space and time to withstand and address the situation rationally..Not only hearing but, listening (focus) will deliver a clear message before engaging with the outcome..If this put into practice, disaster (most of the time) can be avoided.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Mothers Day..!!?

Brilliantly explained here

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