Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss me..Miss me not

As It Is...

Do i miss something here....ofcourse for goodness sake..almost a decade (exagerating huh..) this blog been soooo quite like theres a bunch of ghosts (from the north pole) managing the whole activities. And it seems its in the process of natural death..Actually, every now and then i do poke around not to say helo but rather juz 'git in touch' with others on the net..For the moment, i juz put aside my instinct in writing which naturally i luv to jot with the purpose of sharing (so sweet..) But with some strong and serious commitments to focus on, i think this is the best and genuine excuse to support the reasons behind my absence for some period..I have one err embarassing question here.."do anybody miss" Before someone unpurposely choke to death, i think the right person to answer that!! "Who cares"..The only thing u miss is when it is close to ur heart..Someone jus called (while i was driving) this evening mentioning that how close she is to me..i look around but couldn't find her..she gigled tru' the phone saying that she's close to my heart...auww..that was touching...this babe really make my day...and dear..i do miss u ..mmwuahh

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