Saturday, December 11, 2010

Melaka...River Cruise


A day trip to malacca..bandaraya bersejarah..Head for the river to explore and discover what it has to offer..

No rush with the boats...aplenty

Mind u..get ur camera at hand..u might miss something

Seven bridges at least..all the way down the river

Kg morten...recognised by WHO...maintained by the state..

Feast ur eyes with all the murals emblazed on the buildings along the river

This one has history on it ...bricks brought in by the dutch...500 years ago..

The fella on the wall reminds me of hang tuah..second look..its m nasir..hehe

Kincir air(water wheel) has served its purpose during the heyday of malacca..

Theres rows of buildings at the riverside which entertain open air rest areas

Juz ask the guide...he'll tell to the if u r a japanese tourist..

Do u know what all the murals has to do with malacca..?

Spin up ur way with taming sari tower to view that historical town (blue arrow)
A replica of a ship one third of its size turn to muzium (red arrow)

Seeing is believing...a crane (red arrow) denotes of a busy port five centuries ago..

Yes...cannons facing the sea....
A prosperous land needs a gud defence..

Missed this one activity...walking along the river walkway..

So refreshing...sipping ur favourite drinks and watch boats passing by...

Another nice spot to stop over

The 'shack'...gotto see whats inside...

A glimpes of the buildings from under the bridge...

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