Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Berlagak Tahap Diva Konon...

"...bukan setakat dia tak nak lawat blog aku, komen aku pun tak dipublishkannya..kononnya tak melepasi standard yg ditetapkan olehnya.. ayat poyo je..ingat hebat sgt ke?..terus aku keluarkan blog dia dari senarai blog list aku dan tak nak komen lg kat blog dia..berlagak tahap diva konon.."

Luahan perasaan di atas tuh dtgnyer dari kawan blogger yg sudi berkongsi pengalaman yg x berapa manis..Aku simpati dgn dia..Dia merajuk..hatinyer terguris dgn insiden tersebut..Luka di luar bole ditampal koyok elastoplast..luka di hati??..huhu..Apa tidaknya..hidung x mancung..pipi tersorong-sorong..Lebih baik belah jer..

My fren..I know how u feel..being rejected..Take this incidence as part and parcel of our bloggers life(if i may say so)..Being rejected doesn't meant u r not good enough...instead, it will make u a better person...Learnt to control ur emotion..that person might haven't seen the best of u yet..Proof it that u r a very damn positive attitude blogger..Don't get irritated by such unexpected event..Being face off by only one blogger will definately not impose such a big impact into ur style of blogging..I believe that u r very sincere in ur writing..ur definition of the contents in ur n3s r very clear..and i luv reading urs..ya..its true...Be happy (always) with what u have..Show ur luv and respect to others that visited return u'll get more than u can imagine of..insyaAllah..
And do remember this...if u have something to share, either "yg manis maupun yg pahit"...i'll always be listen..What frens r 4..erk..

p/s: sengaja x disiarkan nama blogger yg di maksudkan...

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