Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fail First

Dream to earn RM6K tru blogging???

Does that tickle u...

i swear newbies out there in the 'net world' (like me), right now is full and saturated with adrenaline running tru the veins sedated by the 'so easy' approach by the success story made by the IMs. The first impression they splash infront of their sites will hypnotise u with the incredible amount of RMs or rather USDs they made overnight without spending a 'sen'. They'll sincerely offer free ebooks, tools, newsletters, topics that covers everything that u could imagine of. And subconsciously without hesitate u'll click to the optin box to not to miss the opportunity that they promise there'll be no second chance. And u know what?..u hav taken the bait. Huh..don't be sad..u r not alone..i was one of them..heh..

Hey!!..come on...

Where in the world u'll just sit back and without lifting a finger the money flows in ur account?! To rob a bank demands creative plan (i guest). So what the heck im into now!!

Gimme a few minutes to serve u with this clip..hope it'll fire up and reorganise ur dream(s)..(me too).

Well..hows that?

Tags: focus, luv, passion, fail first to succeed, niche, enjoy, concept, marketing, don't be afraid to fail, learn to fail.

Credit to: Lisa Irby

Salam Ramadhan

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